The USD exchage rate is instable in Korea. It's so high.  
I think, other countries suffer same situation.
So I decide to shave all products.
It will be continued by being stabie of USD.

thank you~  

* Default: acrylic eyeball ,wig

*구성 : 옥자,아크릴안구(블루블랙)

- 특징 -

 * 바디관절이 가슴 배 엉덩이 3부분으로 나눠있어 유연한

허리라인을 연출할수있습니다.

* 레진안구가 있어 본인이 쉽게 안구를 그려 사용할수있습니다.

하이힐파트가 추가 되었습니다.


이젠 날씬한 인형의 시대는 갔다!!!

슈퍼히로인비너스"옥자"를 소개합니다.

귀여운 마스크 볼록 나온 뱃살 빵빵한 가슴 튼튼한 다리!!!

요염한 포즈 "날씬한것들은 가랏"을 외치며

미의 기준을 본인이라고 외치고 다니는 "옥자"의 활약을 많이 지켜봐주세요 ^-^

* 싸이트 오른쪽에 보시면 "옥자"의 활약 일러스트레이션 배너를 클릭해서

감상하실수 있으세요 ~

많은 성원부탁드립니다.


Let me introduce new Domadoll!!
It is ‘Super Heroine Venus’ OKJA!!
The world where beauty means thin and long is gone.
From now on, ‘Super Herline Venus’ OKJA is the new definition of beauty; Chubby face, tree trunk sized thigh, and big waist line.
Watch and feel the story of ‘Super Heroine Venus’ OKJA.
Wait to see her action! Here she goes!

She thinks herself sexy, but others just think she is adorable.

- Her characteristics -

* Draw her eyeballs yourself as you like!

* She is divided in to three parts: chest, tummy, and buttocks, so it is easier and more natural when moving.

* Because she is chubby, she is very cute when you put her clothes on.
(She is actually very glamorous and has wonderful body line!)

Height: 29cm :
Head: 7.6 inch :머리둘레
Feet: 4cm :발사이즈
Eyes: 18mm :안구
Chest:15.4cm :가슴둘레
Waist: 12cm :허리둘레
Arms: 11.4cm : 팔길이
Legs: 11.4cm : 다리길이
Buttocks: 16cm :엉덩이둘레

**Please write both your real name and nickname when you order.

**Please choose just one procedure to order the items. Either Domadoll website or Gmail.

**If you use both at the same time, it causes confusion.

**When someone other than you is making payment through Paypal, please state your own name.

***I cannot speak English very well. I get confused when asked so many hard questions. Please be simple and to the point.
Thank you. :)

*If you want to purchase it or ask some question , feel free to mail me through my google.


 body characteristics